Falco Longbow Triumph Vintage Palisander / Bubinga

Falco Longbow Triumph Vintage Palisander / Bubinga

Longbow για μεγάλη ταχύτητα, απόδοση και αντοχή. Μοντέλο ειδικής έκδοσης, φτιαγμένο από εξωτικά ξύλα και fiberglass. Περιλαμβάνεται χορδή fast flight.

399,00 €


Αλλες πληροφοριες

These are built for speed, performance and endurance. Competition days are long and often require over 100 arrows per day. The top Falco models help you with ensuring that each of these arrows is shot perfectly. Triumph is a special version of the Trophy manufactured exclusively to be sold by JVD

Key features:

  • The bow features a maple core (thickness depending on weight of bow) and a stunning decorative exotic wood lamination.
  • The decorative layer is covered by transparent fiberglass, which in turn is covered in matte lacquer for great protection.
  • The whole structure is bonded with epoxy glue.
  • Fast Flight String included