Bear Archery Fieldbow Kodiak Purpleheart

Bear Archery Fieldbow Kodiak Purpleheart

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One piece traditional recurve bow from Bear Archery. 

Key features:

  • Modelled on the classic Bear 59 Kodiak.
  • Constructed with maple core limbs faced with caramel coloured fibreglass and backed with brown fibreglass.
  • Radiated for precision shooting.
  • Tips layered with brown and white fibreglass to accomadate modren bow string materials. 
  • Featuring a range of elegant design details. 
  • Stable 60"AMO length.
  • Gloss and satin finish options.
  • Leather grip and large profile leather strike plate with forgiving rest.  

Attention: Special Order items of this Bear Archery traditional bow generally have a delivery time of ≥12 months. Please keep this in mind when ordering.