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Welcome to the renewed website of TOXOSPORT.

Our company

TOXOSPORT is a Greek company founded in 2002. Our aim is to support the growth and promotion of all forms of archery, for people of all ages, ability and background, in Greece.

Thank you for your trust, friendship and excellent business cooperation with which you have honored us for over than 14 years. We have the great fortune to share our passion and our love of archery, with all of you, all this time and look forward to continue to do so for many more years.

We evaluate, select, import and offer the best products of the top quality archery brands. At our facilities you can find the largest selection of top quality 3D, Target, Bowhunting and Traditional Archery equipment, at the lowest prices in Greece. Now we can also serve you through this online store.

In addition, visiting our facilities you can get free expert advice, guidance and high level technical support for recurve as well as for compound and traditional bows from Nikos Eleftheriou.

Our team

Our staff, under the instructions of Nikos Eleftheriou, founder of TOXOSPORT, is ready to gladly answer your questions and help you in choosing the best for your needs archery equipment.

Nikos Eleftheriou is the only athlete in Greece, who used to be member of the Greek National Archery Team, shooting both compound and recurve bows. He holds national records in both archery categories. He studied at the Gymnastics Academy of Athens and since 1986 has participated in many sport events in Greece and abroad, winning numerous medals and titles. He has won seven times the title of Champion of Greece in recurve archery. Since 2002 he is also shooting compound bow.

He is top-level national archery coach as well as instructor in many seminars, clubs, athletes and schools. As an archery coach has helped a large number of athletes achieve their goals, winning national records and international awards.

His high technical knowledge and experience in construction and bow tuning makes him an expert in providing technical advice.


Call us or send e-mail for any information or expert opinion you need about archery. We invite you to visit our website and search for the right equipment for you or learn the latest developments, news and events related to archery.

 You can also visit our facilities: TOXOSPORT ArcheryProShop

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